Headquarters, Medical, and Service Battery Members

Below is a list of every member of the 278th's Headquarters, Medical, and Service Batteries, listed by Rank.

Name Rank Battery
Taylor, Varley H. Lt. Col. Headquarters
Ray, Jeff G. Major Headquarters
Wolverton, Ralph W. Major Headquarters
Duke, Bradley Capt. Headquarters
Machemer, John G. Capt. Headquarters
Moore, William E. Capt. Headquarters
Eli, Earl W. 1st. Lt. Headquarters
Gilbert, Charles E. 1st. Lt. Headquarters
Henrikson, Floyd T. 1st. Lt. Headquarters
Tarsney, William R. 1st. Lt Headquarters
Whiting, Leland B. 1st. Lt. Headquarters
Varty, George J. CWO Headquarters
Levert, Albert S. M.Sgt. Headquarters
Campbell, Dean A. T/Sgt. Headquarters
Caruso, Anthony J. T/Sgt. Headquarters
Johnson, Carl H. T/Sgt. Headquarters
Benfield, Joseph M. S/Sgt. Headquarters
Bishofberger, Russell S/Sgt. Headquarters
David, James D. S/Sgt. Headquarters
Graves, Robert M. S/Sgt. Headquarters
Kuhne, George E.J. S/Sgt. Headquarters
McClary, Dan R. S/Sgt. Headquarters
Steele, Clarence H. S/Sgt. Headquarters
Schiedemantle, Gerald G. T/3 Headquarters
Grady, William F. Sgt. Headquarters
Munson, Rex W. Sgt. Headquarters
Riggleman, Earl E. Sgt. Headquarters
Ball, Thomas W. T/4 Headquarters
Bernas, Clement J. T/4 Headquarters
Brookhouser, Frank O. T/4 Headquarters
Bullock, William C. T/4 Headquarters
Cobb, John R. T/4 Headquarters
Cohen, Robert V. T/4 Headquarters
D'Amico, Patsy J. T/4 Headquarters
Hassel, Howard L. T/4 Headquarters
Hollinger, Raymond D. T/4 Headquarters
Howard, Harry L. T/4 Headquarters
Keely, Edward W. T/4 Headquarters
Krobath, Raphael C. T/4 Headquarters
Lansinger, Charles C. T/4 Headquarters
Priest, Pierce S. T/4 Headquarters
Bell, William F. Cpl. Headquarters
Bloomfield, Eugene Cpl. Headquarters
Costa, Joseph Cpl. Headquarters
Gonzales, Graciano C. Cpl. Headquarters
Huzar, Michael Cpl. Headquarters
Javorski, Thomas A. Cpl. Headquarters
Kunze, Edward D. Cpl. Headquarters
Lloyd, Carl R. Cpl. Headquarters
Lochen, Paul W. Cpl. Headquarters
Owen, Lawrence M. Cpl. Headquarters
Reynolds, Martin P. Cpl. Headquarters
Wells, Oscar C. Cpl. Headquarters
Winterburn, Robert W. Cpl. Headquarters
Bise, Daryle W. T/5 Headquarters
Blackman, William P. T/5 Headquarters
Briggs, Robert J. T/5 Headquarters
Burns, Mitchell T/5 Headquarters
Clancy, James E. T/5 Headquarters
Edwards, Joseph L. T/5 Headquarters
Falconer, Ralph R. T/5 Headquarters
Goldberg, Bejamin T/5 Headquarters
Holden, James E. T/5 Headquarters
Keller, Warren M. T/5 Headquarters
Lickner, Charles A. T/5 Headquarters
Loeb, Allen J. T/5 Headquarters
Macon, Joseph T/5 Headquarters
Magliozzi, Raymond S. T/5 Headquarters
Marinelli, John J. T/5 Headquarters
Marshalek, Edward F. T/5 Headquarters
McCaffrey, William S. T/5 Headquarters
Moran, Bernard F. T/5 Headquarters
Motz, Fred M. T/5 Headquarters
Paxton, Mark H. T/5 Headquarters
Sciolo, Joseph T/5 Headquarters
Shuptar, Michael T/5 Headquarters
Sugarman, Bernard E. T/5 Headquarters
Vaccarezza, Eugene J. T/5 Headquarters
Widmer, William H. T/5 Headquarters
Wiest, Guy G. T/5 Headquarters
Wilson, Harry N. T/5 Headquarters
Acre, Michael F. Pfc. Headquarters
Blanchard, Paul E. Pfc. Headquarters
Bradley, John P. Pfc. Headquarters
Cole, Wiley H. Pfc. Headquarters
Dawson, Gerald J. Pfc. Headquarters
Heinemann, Walter W. Pfc. Headquarters
Johnson, Leonard L. Pfc. Headquarters
Knis, Andrew F. Pfc. Headquarters
Kunkle, William A. Pfc. Headquarters
Landis, Jay E. Pfc. Headquarters
McFalls, Edwin J. Pfc. Headquarters
Mong, Billy R. Pfc. Headquarters
Morrison, Charles A. Pfc. Headquarters
Parsons, Dale W. Pfc. Headquarters
Robinson, John C. (Jr.) Pfc. Headquarters
Robles, Frank C. (Jr.) Pfc. Headquarters
Rosier, Theodore W. Pfc. Headquarters
Sacchetti, Chester N. Pfc. Headquarters
Theiss, Hellmuth O. Pfc. Headquarters
Weaver, Joseph S. Pfc. Headquarters
Wetzel, Samuel H. Pfc. Headquarters
Williams, David R. Pfc Headquarters
Cooke, Winnie C. Pvt. Headquarters
Dunnigan, Howard F. Pvt. Headquarters
Goffstein, Daniel Pvt. Headquarters
Lucas, Charles C. Pvt. Headquarters
Ollis, Maynard Pvt. Headquarters
Wellons, Richard M. Pvt. Headquarters
Wollosen, Robert H. Pvt. Headquarters
Diefendorf, Donald M. Capt. Medical
Porter, Henry W. S/Sgt. Medical
Sciro, John E. T/4 Medical
Brodsky, Billy M. T/3 Medical
Tibbs, Ray R. Cpl. Medical
Bishop, Claude I. T/5 Medical
Shinn, Pearson S. T/5 Medical
Green, Andrew C. Pfc. Medical
Kelley, William L. Pfc. Medical
Patterson, William A. Pfc. Medical
Schurg, George A. Pfc. Medical
Wise, Raymond G. Pfc. Medical
Torkelson, Torkel M. Capt. Service
Shedd, Roy E. Capt. Service
Adesko, Leon R. WOJG Service
Falat, Stephen M/Sgt. Service
Granger, Treva S. M/Sgt. Service
Wendt, Myron W. 1st Sgt. Service
McIntyre, Jack J. T/Sgt. Service
Burton, Everette E. T/Sgt. Service
Schlesinger, Edward S/Sgt. Service
Walters, Karl F. S/Sgt. Service
Ray, Quinton S/Sgt. Service
Roberts, Donald L. Sgt. Service
Wilson, William C. Sgt. Service
Semak, Maximillian T/4 Service
Galante, Eugene R. T/4 Service
Schaper, Frank P. T/4 Service
Weaver, Frank W. T/4 Service
Evans, Joe S. T/4 Service
Kastens, John H. T/4 Service
Calder, Thomas H. T/4 Service
Len, John T/4 Service
Murland, Milton I. Cpl. Service
Pearson, Thomas R. Cpl. Service
Ray, Sam D. Cpl. Service
Abbott, Thomas B. T/5 Service
Lacinski, Walter T/5 Service
Brown, Harry M. T/5 Service
Ross, Robert E. T/5 Service
Shoop, Marlin F. T/5 Service
Fineberg, Albert T/5 Service
Moran, Francis L. T/5 Service
Shore, Samuel T/5 Service
Shott, Frank J. T/5 Service
Sorokach, Joseph T/5 Service
Cornell, Harry G. Pfc. Service
Bornstein, Nathan Pfc. Service
Boyle, Warren R. Pfc. Service
Eaks, Irving L. Pfc. Service